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Welcome to CK Burns School. Sandy Lauzier is the School Nurse at CK Burns School. Whether your child is a returning student or new to the school, please review the use of the nurse’s office for the school year.

If your child has any chronic health condition such as Diabetes, Asthma, Seizure Disorders, Life Threatening Allergies, etc. or needs access to medication or special medical treatments please contact the nurse so that she can ensure we have an Individualized Health Plan in place and appropriate permissions in place to provide your child with a safe school environment.

Each child who presents to the clinic requires careful assessment to ensure his/her safety. If your child is injured or too ill to be in school she will contact you. Please be sure to have a current contact number on file with the school. All health concerns that occur outside of school, should be evaluated by your child's Primary Care Provider. The nurse can work with you and your child’s provider to provide assessment of long-term illnesses and injuries.

Please remind your child that all dismissals from school due to illness must go through the school nurse. Students are not allowed to call or text parents on cell phones or use other school phones to call home for dismissal.

You are encouraged to keep your child home if they are sick to allow your child the time they need to recuperate and to minimize spread of illness to other children. Our goal is to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

Please do not send medications to school with your child. Should your child need medication while at school, please contact the nurse directly to assist you with this process. Children are not allowed to carry any medications (prescription or over the counter) at school without physician, school nurse, and parent authorization. If your child has Asthma and requires an inhaler at school an asthma plan should be completed by your child's provider and sent in to the nurse.

One other note of great importance is your child’s nutrition. Food is fuel for our bodies and your child needs that fuel to help them perform at their best. Please be sure your child has breakfast either at home or at school. Many children simply are feeling bad because they have not eaten. If money is an issue, please contact the Director of Food Services, Sue Morrell, regarding free or reduced price meals.

Please feel free to contact Sandy Lauzier with any questions or concerns at 207-284-5081 ext. 306. Please the nurse know if your child has changes in his/her health status or new or changed medications throughout the school year.
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